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About us 關於我們

A'MUSEUM 香港大倉博物館

A’ Museum is a private museum, located at the area with lots of antique dealers – Sheung Wan. The founder, Mr. Chan Kong Hoi is a financial expert who loves to collect ancient ceramics. The items shown in the museum are mainly the collection of Chinese ancient ceramics, especially the famous ware from Song and Yuan Dynasties, which are worth appreciating.

China has a long history and splendid culture, and it also influences the culture of neighboring countries. Neighborhoods such as Vietnam, India, Thailand, South Korea and Japan, their history and culture are also deeply influenced by the Chinese culture. In recent years, China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” is promoted to inherit the cultural at the Silk Road. Our museum also displays ancient ceramics of countries which influenced by Chinese culture, and with the “Belt and Road Initiative” concept, the Chinese culture could be further promoted.

Under the care of our professional consultant team, a professional tour guide service could be provided for all our visitors.


香港大倉博物館是一家私人收藏館,位於香港著名的古董集中地- 上環。藏主陳江凱先生是香港金融界人士,醉心收藏古代陶瓷。館中以中國古代陶瓷為主要藏品,特別是宋、元名窯所產的陶瓷極具觀賞價值。





Our Group 集團

Our Group has been engaged in financial service industry in Hongkong for years, backed by China, facing the international.

The subsidiary companies are JTI Securities Ltd, JTI Finance Ltd and JTI Artworks, With smooth and flourishing trading of Hongkong security and financial market in recent years, and coincide with acquisition and merge opportunity, our Group accomplished acquisition of JTI Securities Ltd into Hongkong listed company Heng Xin China (8046.HK). The fund will be reserved for the Group’s sustainable development and next acquisition opportunity.

Devoting to pushing Chinese culture worldwidely, JTI Artworks keeps on coemption of artworks with significance and value of Chinese history from overseas collectors. We selected Hongkong for exhibition and operation, while holding art lectures, visit activities, guided tours and special exhibition.

The newly established A’Museum is located in Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, aiming at “revitalizing the Chinese nation, join this national treasure event”, making national treasures that are with significant value of history to be inherited and passed on through public exhibition of collections.



隨著近年香港證券金融市場交投非常暢旺,適逢收購合併機會,本集團於 2017 年 3 月完成出售旗下金唐國際證券有限公司予香港上市公司恒芯中國(8046.HK),款項將預留用作本集團之持續發展及物色收購機會。


而剛成立之大倉博物館(A’Museum),位於上環蘇杭街,以“振興中華,國寶共賞” 為目標, 透過將藏品向廣大市民展覽,令極具歷史價值之國寶得以承傳。